ChamelionEdit1This website is under construction, but we are open for business. Contact me for illustrations and help with editing at: I have reasonable pricing for researchers on a budget.  Due to the custom nature of each project, quotes for illustration jobs will be provided after discussions with the authors.  Writing and editing is typically $40/hr, but a flat rate may apply for larger projects.

Presentations: BnLifeCycle

  • Powerpoint
  • Posters
  • Displays for public

Writing and editing:

  • Grant proposals
  • Original research papers
  • Reviews
  • Abstracts


  • 25 years experience in display of scientific information
  • publication ready line drawings
  • digital micrograph editing for clarity
  • drawings from photos
  • drawings from specimen
  • Preparation of publication ready charts and graphs from pdf, jpg, or other format
  • layout of visual information

Text book illustration and editing

The clarity and accuracy of illustrations is especially important in educational materials. I’m well-versed in visual layout of complex ideas, with over 20 years of experience in presentations for class lectures and meetings.  Please contact me for preparation of textbook illustrations in any field.  I will work with you on early drafts to ensure the images are accurate and convey your intended message.  Information will be adapted for the appropriate learning level.



Lab T-shirt designs and logos


Create a logo and design representing the topics of research in your lab. Promotional images/logos are great for fund raising, education, and broadening participation. They can be used for recognition on powerpoint slides and posters.  Contact me for quotes and additional information.  I will work with you to create an eye-catching design for your lab or project.